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MSN: happie164@hotmail.com

HP: 016-2176615


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How To Pay Us

Mydreamcottage.com accepts various payment methods when placing your order. Here is the list of available options and please do let us know the payment method you would like to use when order is confirm. Thanks

1. Bank Transfer (Online Banking Transfer or Direct Deposit)

Recipient Name : Chow Geok Hong
Account Number : 114115179817

Please email owner for bank account details. Owner is using Maybank.



Customers are required to inform once payment is made through bank transfer

at this e-mail address happie164@hotmail.com or reach us through our contacts. Customers are required to give the information as shown below:

Payer Name : (Your name)
Mydreamcottage ID : (Your account name with Mydreamcottage)
Bank of Transfer : (Bank name of your account)
Date of Transfer : (Date of money deposited or transferred)
Time of Transfer : (Time of money deposited or transferred)
Amount : (Money deposited or transferred)
Shipping Address : (location to send items)
Contact number : (Personal mobile phone number)
Payment Evidence Details : (Reference number, scan of physical copy slip, or print screen transferred screen)




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